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City Slickers Dance and Fitness Company prides itself on providing excellent quality services for adults to achieve their goals no matter how big or small. 

We offer a range of classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions to support clients to achieve their ambitions whether you want to perform, maximise your personal and professional potential, get fit, tone up, lose weight or just feel more motivated and positive we can work with you to achieve that.

Fusing dance and fitness is a fantastic way to keep fit.  Not only does it give you a full body workout, it gives you a sense of rhythm and coordination, the music's great, and it's fun!
This fusion of dance and fitness is the trademark of City Slickers who specialise in this type of exercise for adults.  Their classes combine different styles such as :-

  • Urban and Street Dance 
  • Hip Hop
  • Commercial Dance
  • Body Popping
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz 

… they are as eclectic in style as in the music. 

The classes are buzzing, full of life and character. They can be challenging too, but there is no shortage of encouragement and motivation. 

City Slickers are in tune with the ever-changing world and the demands it places on us, and ultimately the pressures and demands we put on ourselves. At City Slickers our Wellbeing Service provides valuable and independent support tailored to your needs through the provision of Life Coaching and through the delivery of Public Speeches.  

Do you have any fears you want to overcome? Are you lacking motivation? Need guidance with your career? or do you require one of our experienced speakers to deliver an educational, motivational, thought-provoking or inspiring speech? If so, please read further details of Life Coaching or Public Speaking in our Wellbeing section, or contact us with an initial enquiry to see how we can help you.



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